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October 6, 2021 @ 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Retreating Ice Exposes Large Discovery Potential for

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When: October 6, 2021 @ 10AM PDT/1PM EDT 

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Core Assets Corp.

September 20, 2021

As a result of encouraging visual observations (see Figure 2 below of classic carbonate replacement mineralization seen at the Property) during phase one and two exploration programs, Core Assets decided to increase its land package substantially from 26,080 ha (~260.8 km²) to...

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Core Assets Corp. is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral projects in British Columbia., Canada. 

The company currently holds 100% title ownership in the Blue Property, that covers a land area of  ~108,337 ha (~1,083 km²). The project lies within the Atlin Mining District, a well-known gold mining camp. The Property hosts a major structural feature known as The Llewellyn Fault Zone (“LFZ”). This structure is approximately 140 km in length and runs from the Yukon border down through the property to the Alaskan Panhandle Juneau Ice Sheet in the United States. 

Core Assets believes that the south Atlin Lake area and the LFZ has been neglected since the last major exploration campaigns in the 1980's. The LFZ plays an important role in mineralization of near surface metal occurrences across the property. The past 50 years have seen substantial advancements in the understanding of porphyry, skarn, and carbonate replacement type deposits both globally and in BC’s Golden Triangle. 

The company has leveraged this information at the Blue Property to tailor an already proven exploration model and believes this could facilitate a major discovery. Core Assets is excited to become one of Atlin Mining District’s premier explorers where its team believes there are substantial opportunities for new discoveries and development in the area. 

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Core Assets

October 6, 2021 @ 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 7PM CEST

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September 13, 2021

The phase two channel sampling program was designed to determine the grade and extent of massive sulphide carbonate replacement pods at surface. Both the phase one and phase two programs have identified early indications of a potentially large mineralized system.  The phase two sampling will allow Core Assets to design subsequent programs to vector in on carbonate replacement mineralization and its porphyry source. 

September 1, 2021

  • Core Assets has successfully completed its airborne Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM™) geophysical survey and expects to have the final interpretations by mid fall 2021.
  • A geological team has been mobilized to complete channel sampling over mineralized outcrop to determine grade and size at surface. 

Core Assets' Blue Property

The Blue Property consists of two main historical high grade mineral prospects (‘Laverdiere’ and ‘Silver Lime’) in a total contiguous land package of approximately 108,337 ha (~1,083 km²).  The project is located 48 km southwest of the town of Atlin, British Columbia. In 2018, the Company sent a geological team to the Blue Property for preliminary surface sampling.  Three areas of skarn exposure with massive and disseminated sulfide were observed along the western side of the Llewellyn Fault Zone, known as the Laverdiere Prospect. A total of 28 grab samples were collected and sent for analysis with values of up to 8.46% copper, 1.57 g/t gold and 46.5 g/t silver reported.

The Silver Lime Prospect is located just 10 km southwest of the Laverdiere Prospect, and encompasses two significant historical mineral occurrences, the Falcon and Jackie showings. The Falcon showing was discovered by Carmac Resources in 1990 and consists of several northwest trending limestone beds and the Jackie showing consists of a series of altered quartz veins. Mineralization often consists of galena, sphalerite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite and stibnite. The system is exposed in multiple areas on the property with one more significant outcrop that is visible for 25 metres with strike extensions covered by talus. Individual mineralization can be seen up to 2.2 metres wide. To the northwest, a quartz-feldspar porphyry breccia contains smaller quartz veins with semi-massive arsenopyrite and stibnite. Sample 88339 taken from a 2.20 metre vein system assayed 3.3 g/t gold, 2,641 g/t silver, 0.15% copper, 2.5% lead and 3.32% zinc, 5.0% arsenic and 2.56% antimony (ARIS 21162*). 

In 2018, Zimtu Capital Corp., as part of a helicopter reconnaissance program, prospected the Silver Lime Prospect and collected 8 samples. The results confirmed the historic work of Carmac (1990), having returned values of 1.16 g/t gold, 913 g/t silver, 12.45% zinc and >20.0% lead.

The Silver Lime Prospect has the potential to represent a carbonate replacement deposit model (CRD). Massive sulphide mineralization occurs in limestone and biotite-muscovite-sericite schists near the contacts between the units. Large zones of limonite alteration, cut by alaskite and hornblende porphyry dikes, surround these occurrences. The lenses appear to be widest near the porphyry dikes. Several faults follow the general direction of the dikes, suggesting structural control on the mineralization. Sulphides at the Jackie showing often comprise galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite and pyrite. The mineralization can be up to 30 metres long and 6 metres wide. The smaller occurrences host sphalerite and galena mineralization and the larger occurrences vary mineralogically along length. Galena, quartz and calcite dominate the northwest changing to pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and pyrite in the centre and border areas (Minfile 104M 031*).

The 2021 prospecting and sampling programs have focused on resampling the Silver Lime Prospect and evaluating the newly staked ground by Core Assets Corp. to the west of the prospect to better understand how the mineralization is zoned with regards to the source. (See news release dated June 11, 2021).

A retreating glacier in BC's prolific Atlin Mining District has revealed strongly mineralized structures at Core Assets‘ Blue Property. 

Core Assets’ President and CEO, Nick Rodway, commented in last week‘s news-release: ”The mineralization we are seeing at surface is significant and extremely exciting. It has been over 30 years since the last exploration campaigns in the area, and since then the glaciers have retreated drastically, allowing our team the opportunity to explore previously unseen rocks.” 

Join Nick and the Core Assets team as he discusses the opportunity for a potentially massive discovery.